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Over the next few pages we have grouped together a number of photographs which we believe will give you a good insight into our Toygers. In no particular order the pages will show a cross section from very young kittens to fully grown adults.

You will see that the kittens go through what we call a 'fuzzy'stage as they grow up;this is where guard hairs almost hide their true pattern.One thing worth mentioning at this point is that Toygers develop quite late in regards to their final colour and coat texture


Toyger kittens love to explore from about 2 week old, at this age, the mom finds them easy to handle, they are normally just begining to crawl alongwhich is often difficult with their big milk filled bellies.... it's perhaps another two weeks before they become a handfull for mom, that's when they really start exploring

This cheeky chap is just two weeks old

Wannabe Kittens


Junglequeen Wannabe kitten

The kitten above is 2 weeks old

All Toyger kittens are born with very small ears, but as the next few weeks go by their ears really put a spurt on and can make them look very unusual indeed.

If you stop and study the photos you will see that both of them have good colouring on their heads already. The colouring almost always comes through on their heads first, followed by their legs

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