JungleQueen's Toyger Gallery

Toyger kittens normally open their eyes to the world around the age of 10 days, and during this period the kittens start to undergo a number of changes, they soon put on weight due to what seems almost constantly feeding on their mom's milk, but what is also interstinmg is how fast they can lose their clear contrasty coat to one that is more subdued with a lack of contrast. This is where the kittens begins its 'fuzzy' stage


If you study the photograph on the right hand side, you will see that the second kitten from the left has lost its contrast, whereas the nearest one to the you still has good markings.

Sometimes it's as if you wake up in the morning and their markings have been rubbed away.

Not to worry though, the 'fuzzy's' or guard hairs as they are rightfully called will begin to go away as they get older.


Wannabe kittens


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