Toyger Temperament...

JungleQueen Scratchy

The photos at the top and bottom of this page are of the same kitten; if you hit the back button on your browser you will see a photo of this kitten when he was just one day old

The kitten to the right is a Silver colour... a boy we affectionately call 'Derek'

If you come and visit us you will find that the kittens will always want to interact... either by playing with you or sitting on your lap

JungleQueen Toyger Silver in boot

JungleQueen Scratchy

As can be seen from the photo on the left... this little boy is as 'fat as butter'

Over the next few weeks he will become much leaner as he will chase around with his siblings... the pattern seems to be eat, play, litter tray, sleep.... then it starts all over again.

They will often run around until they are completely exhausted

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